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We Don't Need Their Respect - text


They call us liars because we speak the truth
They call us traitors ‘cause it’s too ourselves we’re true
They call us cowards ‘cause we won’t fight their war
And we don’t care anymore

(Chorus) We don’t need their respect (NO!)
We think and act for ourselves
And we don’t care if we stand alone
Our lives are our own

It takes courage to stand apart
It takes strength to be who we are
So why live up to what other people say
When we can have it our own way


And we’re not like anybody else
We will have our own say
We will stand our ground
‘Till the end of our days
We will fly our own flags
Stand tall, have pride
We will sing our own songs
We won’t be denied

Chorus x 2

Text přidala SteffiOi

Video přidal corron

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