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The Evil Within - text


You’re a person who walks a one-way street
Expecting respect from everyone you meet
But when the time comes to pay the favor back
You attack us all and stab us in the back

(Chorus) And you say that you can handle the truth
But do you understand that the evil rests in you?
I wish you knew that the enemy lies within
And to yourself you are true

You have no troubles
Handing out the blame
By calling us cowards
To you we’re all the same


Oi! oi! oi! oi! oi! oi! oi!

We can’t be tricked
By your beliefs
You’re a victim of your own self-deceit
Pull the weed by the roots
And remember you’re to blame
For the life that you choose


Text přidala SteffiOi

Video přidal corron

Alberta Rose

Jenny Woo texty

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