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We didn't choose this way of life to please anyone else
We do what we love and we do it for ourselves
And others are jealous of what we've got
So they say that we won't make it but we know we'll never stop

And if they want to try something We'll try harder
And if they want to go the distance We'll go farther
And if they want to take this to the end of time Then we'll fight longer Because what doesn't destroy us makes us stronger

The cowards always try to rule the rest
By oppressing us with their views and saying they know best
They fear us because they know we're distinct
And we don't care about their rules we don't care what they think


And we know better than to believe in their lies
We've got what they'll never have -- a sense of pride
And no matter how much they push and they shove
They'll never get us down we'll rise above


Their diseased mentality is what incurs their wrath
And they take it out on those of us who walk a different path
But whatever they do to keep our strengths at bay
Just makes us thicker, stronger, faster, and ready for a better day


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Clockwork Patriot

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