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Et Tu Brutae? - text


I don’t care what people say about me, I don’t care what people do
But it really pisses me off when all the bad things I hear are starting with you
I’ve been there with you through your darkest days and now I find out this is how you repay me
For you I made so many sacrifices and now you turn on me and spit on my life

(Chorus) Et tu brutae? Yeah you oughtta know
That what goes around comes around
And hell is burning down below
Et tu brutae? Yeah you oughtta know
That when you betray your friends
You die alone

It’s hard to find someone to rely on
A true friend, a shoulder to cry on
But you never were that because you made a profit by stabbing me in the back
I know in life we all make a few mistakes but I never saw myself dealing with a two-faced snake


And I know it’s a virtue to forgive and forget
But if you’re waiting for forgiveness well I wouldn’t hold my breath
And you’re worried about burning bridges but the world’s in flames for you
I know you saw me as an innocent lamb but watch out ‘cause I can bite too


So you’re not welcome anywhere that I’m at
And even when I’m not around you better watch your back
No this isn’t vengeance, this isn’t just revenge
For me this is justice and you won’t be around to do it again


Text přidala SteffiOi

Video přidal Crreed

Alberta Rose

Jenny Woo texty

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