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Alberta Rose - text


I can see myself travelling the seven seas
Charged with the task of trying to find me
And even though I know I’ll be searching for years
I’ll never forget what is waiting for me right here

(Chorus) ‘Cause I love my home it fills me with pride
It may not seem like much but at least it is mine
I love it here it is where I was made
And when I die put an Alberta rose on my grave

It may not seem like much to the outsider’s eye
But it’s got a great scene and a wide open sky
It is the grounding for all of my roots
Without it I’d be lost with everything to prove


And no matter where in the world I may roam
I’ll always consider this as my home
And no matter where in the world I may be
I’ll always consider myself True North Strong and Free


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Alberta Rose

Jenny Woo texty

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