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Going Home - text

Now there's nothing that can stop me All the battles now are won There's nothing left in me but longing For you my cherished one
==BRIDGE== So won't you wait for me, wait for me I am coming for you Wait for me, wait for me As fast as I can Wait for me, wait for me Soon it will be over Wait for me, wait for me and I'll have you back again
==CHORUS== Before the sun has set on another hill I will see you face to face and I'' beg the wind to carry me All the way from here 'til tomorrow 2x I'm going home 2x
I've been alone but never lonely I have held you in my heart The thought of you has kept me going Even though we're far apart
I can almost see your light inside your window I can almost hear your voice that's calling: "Come to me, come to me" and it's breaking through the silence I've been gone too long!

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