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[Vinnie Paz]
It's Vinnie paz daddy! Jedi mind tricks!
My man Stoupe holdin it down
It's the real raw shit
The hardcore shit, kna-am sayin?


[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Friday the thirteen-style slashing ya face
Bashing ya face, tell ya army, get back to their base
C'mon cousin, that's how we get down
We the only reason that you eat and breath in this town
We beatin them down
Raise a blade, buck 50
I rap like no one out there can fuck with me
Stuck with me, we ain't leaving the game
And keep it dirty cause we never had a reason to change
We keep it the same, start a war with the Glock nine
And thug like a mob, and rock mine
So let me speak the truth again
The ancient babylonians were nubian
You need to watch what you read in your class
Cause the devil try to have you all repeating the past
I'm ready to go to war for Mumia
Fuck George Bush and his war, we gawn see him

Yea, walk with me now
Yea, walk with me now
*Tryna step into the zone with Vinnie Paz is a...*
*understand that I ain't really fuckin around*
Yea... Yea, walk with me now
*Live raps crack ya jaw (Live raps crack ya jaw)*
Yea, walk with me now...
[Verse 2: Percee P]
I came down, to shame clowns, kickin' my same sound
I'mma reign now, giant fist-splitted james brown
I'm the poet, whose rhymes was quoted
Lines are loaded
Shine decoded the vote and flow and showing signs I wrote it
At a auction, B, style cost some g's
Challengers eyes makes tears like the Force MDs
Percee P, that's me I get nasty
Rock it flashy, pass me the mic, it's your ass, G
But I make threats, tape decks at my apex
Packing latex, and safe sex with chicks and stricken paychecks
Killing ya, fillin' ya with rhymes similar
To bullets in the cylinder of a dillinger spillin' ya braincells
I'll blast ya later, you be readin' essays
And be there next day like JFK's assassinator
Nobody, ever went to represent
It's evident why you hesitant cause I take every cent and your hottie

Yea, walk with me now
Yea, walk with me now
*Tryna step into the zone with Vinnie Paz is a...*
*understand that I ain't really fuckin around*

[Verse 3: Vinnie Paz]
I'm like a desert eagle when the hammer is cocked back
Anybody holding any money should drop that
We shot back, spit a gospel of force
And burn ya'll, with my philosophical thoughts
We're just tryna bring the raw shit
Smoke a L, drink a forty on the block, raw shit
The hardcore shit, for ya'll to dumb out
Standing the back of the club and pull the gun out
Everybody run out, the sun out, it's over
I'll take it back to the past like Sankofa

[Outro: Vinnie Paz]
Yea, it's vinnie paz baby. Stoupe - The enemy of mankind
It's like a brotherhood, it's all blood
It's all love baby, it's all love
Walk with me now
Walk with me now, what's the deal baby?
Walk with me now
It's Jedi Mind, steadily shine
Live from the 215, keepin it live... aight? Yea, yea


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