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The Rage of Angels - text


[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
Jedi Mind Tricks
My man Stoupe holdin' me down
Yeah, yeah
It's been five years since you've been locked in the pen
And not to mention all the fucking drama it bring
You always in my heart and that's a beautiful thing
Like warm air flowing from a beautiful spring
But that's some wild shit to do to a king
And maybe some day I'll get used to the sting
For now I'll been thinking about you everyday
And how we use to dumb out in every way
Brought a smile to my face all the hardest of days
And praying that your mother and your father can raise
Your little brother into a man one day
I'll stay in touch with him so the plan won't stray
But don't you worry about your little brother, he fine
He smart with a heart and he steadily shine
And if the little soldier ever step outta line
You know I'm gonna be there to show him the time

[Hook x2: Vinnie Paz]
So what the deal cousin? How it feel right now?
I'll be there soon so just chill right now

[Interlude: Vinnie Paz]
Yeah, it's Vinnie Paz
You know I'm saying, Jedi Mind, I'm holding you down baby

[Verse 2: Crypt The Warchild]
I'd rather walk these hallowed grounds with a Glock or four pound
Police looking over my back when the Glock is low down
With a clock that slows down, it shoots flock with no sound
And I carry the weight on my back like a stone popper party
Lying till my soul hurts (soul hurts)
Mad as fuck, scared and stuck, I can't control earth
Surrounded feeling like a cold hearse wanting to fold first
I thank my peeps every day because they chose work
I'm totally grateful, at times I act hateful
Ya'll risked y'all freedom for me to reside in a gold cradle
Brown paper bag living in the latest whips
Trips to Epcot Centre in the spacious shit
Always reminisce about the shit you laced us with
Always the street legend to the bravest cliques
And now I see niggas getting it, it makes me sick
The same shit that could've made us rich, made 'em snitch
Divide the men from the boys see what makes them bitch
To watch loving mothers struggle just to raise her kids
Soar my mind every time that I raise this fifth
And drink the bottle till it's hollow and it all makes sense

[Interlude: Crypt the Warchild]
Get it right, blood is thicker than water
Could never shit on my peeps

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