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Butcher Knife Bloodbath - text


I give it to you real raw
You try to tackle me you couldn't make me fall
Forget the microphone you need the iron we squeeze
Play around and you'll fall off the deep end

[Verse 1: Jus Allah]

I am entertained by the pain, moth to a flame
Jarring over your charred remains
Hard to explain to the sane
Tarzan's and Jane's
Smaller brains
The disdained
Harder to obtain, refrain
Unguard your gains
All things obtained are in vein
I am overjoyed to destroy
Boys will be boys
Uncoy deploy noisy toys
Everyday, array of dismay
Dead pray on display
Let the slain lay where they may
Tell 'em how to ban their fellow man
Settle, tell your land
Quell your well in advanced plans
Grace your acquaintances with your complaints
Stated on the page letter
Awaiting the greatest ever
Better late then never
Better you in a crate
One state lesser
One day deader in red shaded decor


[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]

The bullet quicker than lightspeed,open gates of Midian in Nightbreed
Any one fucking around with Vinnie he might bleed
Hell is hot and that's where the homing device lead
The body or the head only thing my knife need
I don't need to speak Vinnie's philosophy known
Y'all are weak and talk sloppy like Bobby Chacon
Blood shed and war anti-christ the prophecy shown
I tried to tell you that the Bush's were possibly cloned
You should know about distortions of lessons in college
About the water-fuel cell, the suppression of knowledge
I don't call that mother fucking professor a scholar
I call him a profiteering liar obsessed with the dollar
Why we in Iran if all that we want is Osama?
Why we in a jam when all that we want is Obama?
Bush had you thinkin we at war because he asked God
Then blew up two fucking buildings in our backyard
Blat blat blat


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