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Tell me baby what you really want
My body just wants to be with you
Tell me baby what you really need
I'm hoping aint gotta be knew
Tell me baby what you really want
Your lovin' was too good to be true
Tell me baby what you really need
Your kisses keepin me true
Can't let you go
You gotta know
I'll never give up

I have loved you from the start
From the bottom of my heart
Ev'rybody's got to see
You and me are meant to be
What has happened to our love
That was sent from up above
It's the end of our romance and we won't get a second chance
But I had to conceal

Your desire seemed so strong
Kinda thought that all along
But now I'm a fallen star
Callin' you then from afar
Feel it's slowly gettin' cold
I'm betrayed an' robbed an' sold
Guess we're finished now for good but I do hope you understood
Yeah I'll have this revealed

But the sun will always rise
Right before your very eyes
I will be with someone new
After all I'll banish you

Text přidala Tina172

Rock My Life

Jeanette (*1980) texty

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