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Just For A Moment - JDC ft. Holly - text

Just for a moment, can we escape
Just for a moment, we'll find a common place
Girl it aint easy, to stay away from you baby
I just gotta say girl, but
Just for a moment, this is our song
This is a moment, where you and I belong
Girl I've been waiting, I know you're waiting
No need to say it, so close your eyes girl
Just for a moment

Verse 1:
Another state, another city got me tired out
Flashing lights of cameras flickerin as people shout
It's not enough to hear my baby's voice on the phone
Cause the only fan I care about is back home alone
They tellin me that I got plenty o' time for a relationship
Told me to wait on it (no no)
Cause ever since the day you came in my life
You were my favorite, dont know what to make of it (whoa whoa)
Lookin through photos of us in my hotel room
After a couple shows you know I'll be back soon
So many sleepless nights,
tossing, turning alone aint right
Girl you know im impatiently yearnin that

Verse 2:
Travelin around the world without you
Has got me thinkin about the day I found you
I'd climb the highest mountaintops to sing your name
swim to the ocean floor, just so i can see your face
If they only knew what I'm willin to give
to kiss my baby's lips
Girl I aint fakin it (no no)
And everytime they add more time on the road
Girl I be hatin it
I'm just not sayin it (whoa whoa)
I almost left this life but you wouldnt let me
Cause you knew that music's something that made me happy
So girl this one's for you
Every word that I sing is true
I'll be there beside you before you know it babe

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