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On this lonely stretch of solitude
I'm thinking 'bout the things that I never do
All the promises that I made to you
Well they're just words
They're only words

It took so long for me to recognize
All this confidence that I couldn't find
I used to dim my light so you could shine
And that's what hurts
It really hurts

I wanna do everything right
But everything's going wrong
I want to feel heaven on earth
But nothing ever lasts that long

Baby I'm goin' mental
So much potential
I can't stand to watch it withering away
It's out of control now
It's getting old now
And I can't afford to waste another day

Well dust keeps piling up on the window sill
Man if you don't know by now I guess you never will
But there's no benefit in standing still
Not for you no no
And not for me
But I wanna make everything work
Something's just gotta give
I gotta start putting me first
It's killing me the way it is


I wanna do everything right
But everything's going wrong
I wanna feel heaven on earth
And nothing ever lasts that long


Text přidal Moonblade

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