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I'm sorry, so sorry for whatever it was that I did
Please stop yelling I'm telling ya I didn't meand a word of
Hold up, did I really just say that?
I'm out of control things are looking grim
Out on the town with my evil twin
And when shit goes wrong sure I can just blame him
Try to walk away but I know I won't
When opportunity knocks it's like I'm over here yo
And it feels like a dream that everyone's in
And they'll all be remembering
And I'm thinking

Oh my god what the fuck have I done
Don't you know this could all go so horribly wrong
And now I'm clinging to the bar like it's a sinking ship
Wondering if I'm really gonna get away with this

Well they say every day's a gift you keep receiving
They say life is precious and I believe them
But I still can't seem to make it come out even
With this drinking and lying and cheating and leaving
To me, life is like sisters kissing
You wanna look away but you don't wanna miss it
So I'm making deals with my guilty conscience
And I'm getting nothing out of it
And I'm thinking...

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