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At the airport customs they pulled me in
But I swallowed the drugs before the cops found 'em
Got so damn high I couldn't spin
And as we pulled outta Bucharest I was still tripping
Half liters in the back of the car
With my brothers and sisters down to the Stroeja
Mangled all night to the gypsy punk
We flipped the switch we ran the dub
We had the car bombs the white poison too
From the front to the back had the whole damn crew
And when we shut her down at the break of dawn
Passed out on the couch with my clothes still on man

Side by side out looking for salvation
Brothers and sisters we run this operation
And as the sun comes up I wonder to the sea
And I wash my sins away in Thessaloniki

Through the city streets we drank and talked
Rocked the basements climbed the walls
Locked the hotel doors till the maids went nuts
Hooked up downtown for a liquid luncheon
From the pearl of the east to the riviera
Man we rocked the dubstep the ska and punk
Seaside to seaside bar to club
Pass the bottle till you pass out
Wake the fuck up
Sitting in the car again
Wonder what tomorrow brings
Stagger up behind the decks
Feeling like a flipping wreck

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The New International Sound of Hedonism

Jaya the Cat texty

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