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Here we come again another musical confessional
Mix it up at home but we gone international
Straight from the pen to the mic to the stereo
Over the broadband and into your living room
Drop the needle and lock it down
Stolen beats from the underground

So from Amsterdam city to Boston town
Here we come with the rebel sound

Ain't on the radio we're in your bedroom
Ain't on the video we're on your headphones
Ain't in the stores, we're on the torrents
That sick shit you heard from your second cousin
From the basement to the back alleys
From the heart and soul of this restless city
Gotta catch a fire jist to set your mind free
Drain your glass and fill it up again

So with stolen beats from the underground
Here we come with the rebel sound

Text přidala Erunise

Video přidal Siri161

The New International Sound of Hedonism

Jaya the Cat texty

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