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Crank up your headphones listen to the top shot
Rip out my headstone throw it through a cop shop
Take my skeleton rob bank smoke rocks
Blud I'm dead though you can't keep me locked up
Immortalized I ain't gonna be forgot
Put my record down when your eyes bloodshot
This ain't a grave it's a rave a hot shot
So rock a boombox on my plot

So when I die, when I pass away
Just turn the volume up and put that boombox on my grave
And when I die, I won't fade away
Just turn the volume up and put that boombox on my grave

Well here's something, they always bury people in suits
But when you lay me down a Hawaiian shirt will do
Or better yet, just throw me in the ocean and screw
Take the whole damn wake out for Indian food
And for the rest?
An unmarked grave will do
As long as they lay me down next to you
And on our anniversary girl we won't need flowers
Just put a boombox on that grave of ours
Cause in heaven or hell we'll be cheek to cheek
So let's get this started

Pretty little girl come and dance with me
Come and move your leg come and dance with me
If you feel alright come and dance with me
Up into the night

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The New International Sound of Hedonism

Jaya the Cat texty

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