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Late night on the Bos en Lommerweg
I'm swerving on my bike I've got my headphones on
And I'm wondering why it's so hard to believe
There could be a salvation for a drunk like me
And you know I'll fine even when the hand of god is empty
Cause you gotta make it anyway
Summertime came falling on my city
Crept into the bar and took a seat next to me
And we talked and made plans that never ever ever gonna happen
But sometimes that's alright

And you know I know now

And down below my hotel window there's a girl walking
I'll never know her name I'll never buy her a drink
But you can be sure tonight that someone else will
And I'm wishing him luck as she turns the corner and fades out of sight
And as for you and me?
Although we're a thousand miles apart
The drinks keep coming
And it's not for nothing
And if we throw up on our dreams
Girl we'll wash them clean
And if ya don't understand that you should try being me
And you suck but I love
And you're constantly trouble
But we're gonna make it anyway

Text přidala Erunise

Video přidal Siri161

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