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Just when you start to look away
And I don’t know what I should say
I can’t distinguish night from day
Then you come around

Just when things are lookin’ down
And everybody’s wearing frowns
The king went and misplaced his crown
But it’ll come around

And I don’t want to lose my faith in you
Cause sometimes I don’t have a clue
Of what I’ve done and what I should do
But I’ll come around

These summer nights are hot and still
The days are long but time instills
A sense of hope, a coming thrill
And I know it will

Just when life seems like a lost cause
People spinning words into angry flaws
And I don’t know who I am or who I was
Life comes around


Just when the whirlwind begins
Things twirling out of control, lost in the spin
You gotta take a step back, start over again
Find a way to win

I may be young, I may be old
I may be telling, I may be told
I may be wise, I may be bold
But I’ll come around


And you’ll come around
And we’ll all come around

Text přidala LaurenFlame

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