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This Is My Land (Sápmi) - text


this is my land, this is my country and if I'd be the queen you'd see

that I'd take everyone by hand and sing it so it's out there

that we'll paint this land blue, yellow, red and green

if you say that this girl's not welcome in this country, if she must leave because her face is brown

well, then I'd say you go first 'cause frankly this is my land and here we live in peace, I'll teach you how

this is my pride, this is my freedom, this is the air that I breathe and you'll find no kings, no queens, here everybody's equal - men, women and all who are in between

this is my home, this is my heaven, this is the earth where I belong and if you want to ruin it all with big wounds in the mountains then you're not worthy of listening to this song

this is my land, this is my country, these lakes, rivers, hills and woods
if you open up your eyes you'll find someone is lying
I've always been here, welcome to my hoods

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