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Charitable man - text


You, you charitable man, I am quite devoted to you, I’m your fan.
I’ve taken a fancy to your self-confidence.
When you are around I lack my common sense.
I feel that I’m yielding to this temptation.
I feel that you are charming me.
I’m troubled with this curious relation between us,
I’m stirred by all I see in you.

Charitable man, why should I miss you?
Charitable man, I’d like to kiss you.
Proud, courageous man, I took into my head to lionize you.
Young attractive man, are you fond of me?
I’m still only your fan, more I’d like to be.
I stumbled upon you maybe we were destined to know each other.

You, you young successful man, I am clearly conscious I’m not your only fan.
I am far too frightened to address you a few words.
When you’re flattering me, I’m burning, it doesn’t hurt.
Your flame-like beauty overwhelms me.
I admire you intensely.
You have a genius for silencing me.
I stare at you unconsciously.

All this helps a such emphasis, you earn respect in young ladies.
I am struggling to the door, you’re proud as peacock and much more.
Sorry handsome man I’m only the ordinary girl and lonely.
You are charming me.

Text přidal HEXAK

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