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Hold me down, I need a prescription
My heart can't feel this empty anymore
Choke them down, and hope for a reaction, or live another day at war

Days spent dazed, a classic case
Of mis concepted ways

This has always been my life, will always be a place where I spend too
Much time on hold
The things I've done and said each day, keep haunting every move I make
So I'll keep walking, searching for control, down this futile road

Hold me down, my recklessness has damaged, my body beyond all repair
I'm not down, and out yet, I'm just out and down
The search for understanding isn't fair

Days spent dazed, an all too common case
Of misconcepted ways

And after all this time nothings changed
I've lasted all this time and nothings changed

Text přidala Ketyss

Video přidala Ketyss

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