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Like the River Acoustic - text


Floating downstream like swans in the sun
Surrounded by friends and lovers
We looked on smiling
At the evening so bright
River behind and the fading delight

I knew her back from when she was young
Days blow in faster than rounds from a gun
Scattered like shells and lost to the sea
Like the river, the days flow

I have all these memories
I don’t know what they are for
I have them and I cannot help it
Some overflow and spill out like waves
And some I will harbour for all of my days

I like burn like oil
You grew like a flower
Rising towards your magical hour
For I was not yours and you were not mine
But true love it finds us when it is time

You drove back down town
Wasted and speed
To highways that I remember
Happy for you and happy for me
The old times and the new
I lay down in
In love with the night
My new love beside me
A radiant light
Fading away along with my thoughts
And like a train, I trail on

Text přidala spongebobb

Video přidala spongebobb

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