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Girl In A White Dress - text


Today I was driving in my car
And I saw you standing by the road
You had a dress on
And I’ve never seen before in my life
Who are you?
Where you going?
What’s your story girl?
You had a camera
And you were taking some pictures
On a hot sunny day
Where you going girl?

Girl in a white dress
Girl in a white dress
Standing by the road
Where you going girl?

I saw you today
And I’ll probably never see you again
I fell in love with you
I fell in love with your fleeting image
And I want to make a song about you
About your thighs
Reflecting the sun-rays in many ways
You are a dream girl
And I fell in love with a dream
Now I have to dream again
And I want to touch the dream
And I wanna touch you through the dream
On this hot sunny day
That’s why I’m making a song about you
I wanna be with you
As close as I can get to you
I don’t know who are you
But you are mine right now
In the mist of a dream
In teh midst of a dream
I fell in love with you

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