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Getbornagain - text


In the midnight of my soul
I like to mix pain and pleasure
In the twilight of your bones
I found darkness in your treasure
There is no place to call home
Why don’t you listen
I’m just trying to hold on
But I’m always slipping

I feel the fires burning
I see the sky coming down
I hear the voices singing
I see your head with no crown

I saw the wearing a beautiful face
I saw you downtown with a lotta shopping bags
I saw you making love to an angel
I saw you taking a diamond piss in the stress
I saw you and the Moon saw you too
A lotta people saw you
And now they gotta dream

Oh my god, she’s shinning like a chandelier
Someone’s gonna die tonight
Oh my god, she makes you wanna seal the deal
Someone’s gonna cry tonight

I wanna fuck your face in the moonlight
I wanna suck your ass in the foreign night
I wanna hold you baby, hold you tight
I wanna squeeze you my love

Hold you down
I wanna hold you down

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