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It's right for the night
Thousands of lights
Show us the way
Me and my mates
Will have a good time
In the amusement acrade
Unpack your bags
We're here at last
For the birds that play ball
This is it!
It's what it's all about!
We worked all week for this
Let's go
Go to the pub
Dance for a while
Have a drink or so
Please ourselves
Do what we want
Tonight's ours
To have fun
The night
Will soon be gone
It goes too fast
Let's not waste time
No need to worry ourselves, now
The night
The night of our week
One night
We remember it well
No one
Can take it away
No one
Can deny us the night
The night
One night
Hear the sea
Come tumblling in
Freezing us all
Feeling the breeze
Beating the pier
As we try and sleep
It feels so secure
Along with the sea I mean
What a pity
Our weekend's gone
The sea remains
But that's all
We had a good time
While we were here

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