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For Sarah - Dance of the Vampires - text

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There are ghosts in the air,
evil eyes in the darkness
as I search for Sarah
Demons lurk everywhere,
but however much they scare me
I will not be deterred
I'll be tough,
I'll be sly,
There is nothing I would not do or be
for Sarah
I will steal,
I will lie
There is nothing I won't try
to find and save her
There's a dream
there's song
how I long to go back
but I must stay
for Sarah
Through this nightmares I go
Desperate, shattered
lonely but I must not give up
I will slash
I will burn
There's nothing I would not do or be
for Sarah
There's no stone I won't turn
I'd do anything it takes to find and hold her
I'll be bold,
I'll be brave
There is nothing I would not be for you
For Sarah
I would go to the grave,
like a sacrificial angel
I will not let you fall
I will fight all my fears,
There is nothing I would not do for you
Oh Sarah
Take this blood sweating tears.
Take this sacrificial angel
who will save you

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