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You thought that he'd leave forever
You'd never know, you'd never know
Caught in the wrong place, lost in the snow

Something survives when all else is broken
Who'll understand some circumstance
No one needs to know

Another piece of architecture falls
And crumbles in the rain
Another revolution fails
Amidst the smoking flames
We'll wonder if our memories erase

Like driftwood from the sea
With turbulence and history
Dissidence a bigger tree
Visions of what might have been
Drowning in a sea of dreams

My name, my name, my name is Sloan
Nothing, nothing, nothing is true
It's the other man, I'm not the other man
Be what the other man, it's been the other man

Keep hiding, hiding away
Telling lies and building walls
Watch and wait for it to fall
Telling lies and building walls
Watch and wait for it to fall, fall

I'm not here
I'm not here

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Video přidala LedEmily

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