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I don't sense the time is passing
I don't hear leaves start to fall
Unaware of seasons changing
I'm still oblivious to it all

I know a storm is raging
And rain begins to fall
I don't feel the wind
I don't fell the wind

When all the words fell from my lips
And scattered on the floor
Amidst the dust and debris lie
The secrets of it all
I no longer feel the wind

I won't ever feel again
So I won't need to explain
All the doubts that still remain
Inside our hearts

I don't feel the wind

I spent a decade on the run
But I escaped from nothing and no one
Another twisted record y'all
The dusty, barren landscape I'd become

Extended metaphor for us
I'll take a hammer to your trust
False starts, make amends underwater wither-bands
Till there's nothing to discuss

One moment of time slips away
And both of our lives changed forever, forever


Text přidala LedEmily

Video přidala LedEmily

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