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Best Love Song I Ever Wrote - text


I started this song at 2 am on a lonely Sunday night
I wanted to make things easier I wanted to make things
I'm hungry for a midnight snack you know yeah I'm hungry for you
But kitchens closed girl yeah I know, so whats this boy to do

You are everything, everything I hoped for
You are everything, everything I need.

But when tomorrow comes, will you be there, should I even try do you even care?
Do you know how far Id go, just to keep the pain from you, oh girl I would do anything for you.

I been watching you sleep for a night or two and I know I'm on your mind
I see it in your eyes you know hes running out of time.
I talk to you for hours without saying a word.
Heres the best love song that I ever wrote, hope its the best youve ever heard.

Text přidal Seneca

Video přidala AndyT2000

Broken Hearts and Fairy Tales

Jake Coco texty

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