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I don't know girl - text


I don't know what the girl with you Cannon pojť to me to dance I want to talk to you......., I'll see you in the Club there's a pretty girl, I don't know if I should go to her or burn the grass looking at her sides where you can va sexy steps Club is full of boring without you is not your eyes shining like the Moon at midnight tonight you nowhere in my power, we just know it won't be just so I'm sure we'll have a party so sharch slowly ends everything will be gone I don't know girl you Cannon pojť to me to dance I want to talk to you....... "she fell into my eye, I don't know what to do to take advantage of you, and then drop the sorry girl but I notice you're just sexy your smile on the face of the Sun as your sexy žarli dance now spusobuje stuffy I want you just to watch zlíkl I upper and let try Hey baby my name is Tobby Now we are familiar with convenient pojt closer to the bar to get a drink I have three come Sam think I don't know ... a girl with you Cannon pojť to me I want to dance with you...

Text přidala -Debby-

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