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The time has come to take a stand for what is right
And to resist the attacks from the enemy
Never back down
Stand strong for what you believe
Stand united as one
From the ashes to victory

Come rush the stage
Take your place it's all right
Nothing can stop us
No mountain too high

Don't live your life t look back and regret
What could've been if you had tried

Take hold the power
It flows from our hands
Bringing the music alive

Lift your hands
Receive from on high
The spirit of life
Speak His name
Shout for the power and feel the fire

We won't play the fool for silver and gold
No sell out and no compromise

Born to a purpose
A calling, a life
Burning inside with fire

Shed now your bonds
The corpse that would hold
Take wings as an eagle and fly

In the end the wicked ones with their treasure will burn

Light the flame
Don't let the chance pass
It may never return

(1st chorus)
Seize the day
Leave the fools behind
Who would stand in your way

Take my hand
We will surely arise from the ashes to victory

(2nd chorus)
Seize the day
Set your eyes on tomorrow
Say farewell to yesterday

Find your way
To the brave goes the glory
The warrior's destiny

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Drama of the Ages

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