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Well, I woke up this mornin'
Looked outdoors
I can tell my milk cow
I can tell by the way she lows
If you see my milk cow
Please drive her on home
I aint had no milk and butter
Since that cow's been gone.
Well, you got to treat me right honey
Day by day
Get out your lil' prayer book
Get down upon your knees and pray
'Cause you're gonna need me
You're gonna need my
Help someday
Lord, you're goin' to be sorry
You treated me this way.
(Now take it away boys.)
--- Instrumental ---
(That's Benny Hucklefield on the piano.)
(That's Rick McRay on the guitar.)
Sail on lil' gal, sail on, sail on,
Sail on lil' gal, sail on
You're gonna keep right on sailin'
'Til you lose you happy home.
--- Instrumental ---
(Gene Elders on the Fiddle)
(That's Benny and Rick)
Well, good evenin'
Don't that sun look good goin' down
I said well, good evenin'
Don't that sun look good goin' down
And don't that ol' army cot look lonely
When your lover ain't no place around?
Well, I tried everything, baby
To get along with you
And now I'm gonna tell you
What I'm gonna do
I'm gonna stop my cryin'
Gonna leave you alone
And if you don't think I'm leavin' big momma
Just count those days I'm gone.
You aint gonna see me
You aint gonna see my sweet face no more
Now you're gonna be one big honey
Where in this world I've gone.
Milk cow blues, yeah, yeah...

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