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No One - text


No one will ever see him cry
No one will ever see him down on his beggin knees
No one will ever dry his eyes
Cos' no one will ever dry out the deep blue sea

There he walks among you
There he hangs and there he rests within himself
There he whispers to you
And plants the rose that bleeds the souls that lies in man

No one will ever kill his name
No one will ever see his face.........again
No one escape their words proclaimed
No one desert themselves, believing never tamed

There he rules among you
There the loss of love reveals immortal pain
There he sighs within you
Then you wish for light of the eternal flame

United we stand
Divided we fall upon the fields of our regrets
The gold of an empty hand
Is for free but holds a price, so high no one can pay

Text přidal paja65

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