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Disciple of the Night - text


Hey you, disciple of the night, can you always tell wrong from right
As you know, it takes some belief, to wander the fields of your dreams
Hey you madman, I wonder if you're really that insane
Does your world compute and then make sense, inside your brain
I guess you're the lucky one if it is so, is it so? Tell me again

Disciple of the night
Can you always tell wrong from right?
Could be my hell is your paradise, please tell me disciple of the night

Yes indeed a prayer for all of us, is a comfort, a help when you're lost
To give in to this profusion of lust, clouds our vision, it costs
Yesterday I felt precisely that way, guess tomorrow I'm gona pay

Disciple of the night
Are we all blown away and blind?
Disciple shall live, disciple s will die
Another twisted fact of life

At times I wandered my path with heathen eyes
Then it came to me, who's to blame for my sacrifice
And I realized I was blinded by my ways
Then who will remember in kind thoughts on my burial day
My stone shall say, here I lie without dismay
I pay my Christian debt, my soul, my love, my hate
It makes a difference that we're all born to decay
Dear god relieve us from the fear that seem to stay

We may fear the unknown stage
That comes next to appear in our lives
Therefore I shall not waste one lonely second
One single drop of blood
Yes I try
Still I wonder why
Is it so hard to forgive yourself sometimes
Yeah sometimes

Disciple of the night, do you know the way to the light
Is darkness sometimes white, disciple of the night
What lies in this mirror to find, disciple of the night

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