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Angels - text


We're getting nearer every day
Still I wonder, am I heading the right way?
Will I touch the gleamy light or am I falling from grace?
Standing between the high and low
Heaven or below where will I go?
All of my life the circumstances took the lead
It's about time I see things in the right perspective

Where do the angels hide?
Somewhere above the sky
Tell me, am I dancing around on the edge?
Life isn’t all divine but then I don't really mind
Heaven, is real or a long forgotten place?

I wish to sow the freedom's seed
Away from things that make me bleed
Still redemption seem so far away
Drop to my knees though and bless the day
Living out what's deep inside
Getting the most out of my life sometimes things are precisely
What they seem, nevertheless I still have all my dreams

When I'm alone left to myself
I have my memories, in colours but sometimes they're pale
In the deepest coldest dark
Will you ever surrender always searching for the spark

Text přidal paja65

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