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Ride Wit Me ft. Skate - text


[Chorus: Skate]
Let's take a ride, who comin' with me
Until the day I die, Imma get it
I wanna see who ride with me baby
I wanna see who ride with me baby
I wanna see who ride when the goin' gets tough
I wanna see who ride when the roads get rough
I wanna see who ride with me baby
I wanna see who ride with me baby

[Verse 1: Skate]
I'm the same motherfucker with a little more cash
Still smoke weed but a little more hash
SoundCloud song but it's still a hype track
All the bitches still listenin' to "Like That"
"She Don't Know" popped off
When the song dropped I was gettin' topped off
You can hop off
Cause I've been in the kitchen cookin' up the hot sauce
I'm a young boss
What you know about a little white boy from the Midwest, never passed a piss test, uh
When I get the munchies better believe that Imma pour myself a bowl of the Krispex
That's all I do
And the booty had me like whoa, too live crew
Goodbye to the old life toodaloo
And I'm gettin' to the money man, soon I knew
I was changin' for the better cause I had a fucking plan
Rockstar life, I ain't even have a band
Used to be a fan in the stands
Now I'm on the stage rockin' shows and I'm chillin' in the van
Light a blunt, light a joint, light a candle
Like the liquor I be too much to handle
And the beat I crushed like camo
Boat shoes on matched up with a flannel


[Verse 2: Jack Johnson]
One question, are you gonna ride
The yeses they gettin' less as the days go by
Since back in '95 when I was in my mama's tummy hopin' I would make it out alive
I was raised up in Nebraska with the green grass and the blue skies
If I happened to devise a plan to go back in time I would happily decline
Cause I'm feelin' just fine, every day I see the sun shine from the window at the crib in The Hills
Shoutout Michelle, man you know my bucket's filled
So I gotta get back to the people who've been with me since the first day
Now that we in first place, people tryna hurt me
But I'm never gon let 'em, it ain't gon happen
I'm laughin' I'm havin' the time of my life in California to Manhattan and I'm goin' overseas and international rappin' I'm in the Wembley Arena while the people they all be clappin'
And it's so damn crazy
All that's goin' on, all of it's amazing
It's feelin' like a daydream
And I think right now I'm in a deep sleep and nobody can wake me
Yeah, the 402 raised me
Hometown boy, I'm so blessed
We be workin' 'round the time piece, no rest
Ho speakin' of the time piece, Rolex
Uh, but that's material, nothin' to really brag about
The OGOC simply cashin' out
And they can have their doubts, but at the end of the day the flow is undeniably cold as an Alaskan's house
Graduated last May with my cap and gown
Now we out in LA lookin' dapper down
We winnin' but I'll take the L when it's passed around
We winnin' but I'll take the L when it's passed around


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