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She Don't Know (Jack Johnson Feat. Skate) - text


[Jack J:]
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still, I said
She don't even know who I am but she digging me still
She don't know me but she digging me still, she don't know me but she digging me still
(She don't know who I am, but she digging me still) [x2]

Yeah, smooth criminal I'm a young mind
I'm a boss 'cause my clothes are right
Too many outfits, too much swag
Who thought a young boy, do it like that
I'm gonna dive with it shawty come vibe with it
Show me your freaky side, I can see you hiding it
Coming through the crib you don't even know me
Damn baby, it's okay you can show me
You came through with your homie
He'll be leaving here lonely
And now I'm at the front
But we with the team and we roll around and stunt
Like oh,
I'm with the crew
Girl you know what to do
It's a chess game and I'm study making moves
On a jet plane so I'm flying to you


[Jack J:]
Uh, uh, lets get it
Yeah she don't know me but she digging me still
Yeah I do what I feel
We eaten good every meal
I got a show to go kill
Don't see a name on the bill so Please get out my face I hate when people blowing my chill
Girl, we ain't even on a first name basis
You don't know me but I'll keep you up like a facelift
And yeah I see the way you giving me them gazes
I wanna get your number but my phones been dead for ages
So maybe I can slide through
Watch a movie, get to touching when it's time to
So five times two
Yeah I think I like you
So much that I might do, girl I'm tryna wipe you
Hold up, I'm just playing around
But at your local club, you best belief they're playing my sound
Got my head in the clouds
It's probably cause of the loud
I got the haters asking how the hell I'm doing it but right now


(She don't even know about me, she don't really know about me) [x2]

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