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You lived inside of me…
there was noting I could conceive that you would do for me…
trouble seems so far away you changed that right away
you abandoned me
(But I ain’t mad at cha)
you abandoned me
you abandoned me
Hell no I ain’t mad at cha
Matter of fact I was laughing at cha
Crying with ya thinking god would grab a napkin
Na he was just a hoopla bitch I'm a superstar bitch
Get mine regardless parter than average
Common use and knowledge but I admit I schooled these niggas
And did it with honors came close to the style that is way to common now
Niggas is cocktails got my shit all watered down, Hennessey flowa
Me R.U.L.E. easy people you know what them guns do
Kill any nigga that ever looked at me wrong
Who ever said my name in vain in a hook of a song
Got to be killed or reformed disrespecting the don
Killing bitch niggas has got to be a blessing from god
And Iv been blessed with the strength to go against odds
If it was left to the fans it might have been hard because…
you abandoned me
you abandoned me
Hell no I ain’t mad at cha
This world dubbed me the soul snatcha
When pac died it immediately put all eyez on me
5 foot 9,…1, 6, 5 raspy voice you see from queens NY
I prospect usual suspects…The gossip word on the streets
This nigga Ja Rule is a problem and runs with more shooters than robin
Favorite gun is the lockin and got more beef than New York, Boston
I.N.C. got the U.S.O. and time served the south turned turn back the time
Mullah who the nigga who the nigga but still I know I got it like that
Like For real but that didn’t stop the public from giving me hell and I wont stop continuously pressuring them so any nigga that jumped shift can jump back in
you abandoned me
you abandoned me
Hell no I ain't mad at cha.

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