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Hood Hop - text

Ay world, this Streets 101
I'm finna give you a head for pound of J-Kwon
And a quarter burn of Track Boy Music

Hey hey hey hey hey
Now all my life (dirty), I'm livin (dirty)
And I'ma keep it (dirty) until I'm gone (dirty)
So where you at (dirty)? where you at (dirty)?
Where they at (dirty)? Where they at (dirty)?

This the new improved hoop hop
I make ev'ry mu'fukka in this bitch, do the wop
Dirty run his mouth til the album drop
Why's that? Trak Boy beats like a free bricker Caine on the block
I'm 17 name ain't the same on the block
And peter knock the nigger out his frame on the block
And he'll come through and let it rain on the block
And all they gots to say is its a shame on the block
I'm hot homeboy, don't ever get it twisted
Numbers unlisted stayed in third district, for real
I'm ready to get naughty, best of both worlds so Hey Shawty
Show me the party, and I'll show you the coke
I can show you my dick you can show me your throat
If a nigga trip, then we can show him the '4
If a niggas run up to you we can show him some mo'


Now I wish a nigga would run up like that
Man I put that on the hood I'mma strike back
And niggas talk shit but I don't like that
Sayin all like Gee but I ain't write that
And maybe mamma's man ain't about shit
Basically what I'm sayin dude fuck a bitch
And if I had two I'd touch a bitch
In the same breath, turn around and touch a clit
And nigga if I said it, I fuckin meant it
And nigga if it's rented I ain't fuckin in it
Track boys give me money so I fuckin spend it
Ya'll rollin the spreewell but not the authentics
And fuck your fuckin '4 and your roof clown
I got shit that'll turn your fuckin coupe round
You ain't heard I'm the troop now
By the fact, hook gonna break it down


Dawg It's a mystery, how we drop one single
Left the game now the whole world miss me
Freak this bitch like homegirl missy
Like I tell them niggaz got the whole world tipsy
Sick and tired of old g's tryin to gip me
Goin put a lumpin in this shit like a hicky
All I say is to them dudes come get me
Watch a patch of prone cause I' like a gypsy
Funny how I can't loc in public, smoke in public
Girl even choke in public,
Got dough so that's why I'm so republic
Cause hit the door, I start actin so republic
I had it sent back and like I had a briccamore
So you got snitched on by the cona-whore
Show us or show her ass what these guns are for
Or let the priest show her mom what these nuns are for


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