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Drunk and stoned
Took a hit down by the train track
I hear the whistle's song
This broken kid...

He made a big dash
He learnt quick to get along
A change of time
Packed up and left
Goodbye the train track
You're lucky if I do
We'll go west
And get some big cash
We're lookin' back to see the way
Just keep a movin'

You keep away I say
You got to change your backdrop
You got to keep a base
She was tall, a lookin' up
From the bottom of a beer glass
It's too insane, in my blood
My hand is showin' like a road map
So I got on to catch a breeze
I hated to go back
But when I think
of all those times I just love the highlife
Just keep a rollin' Just
keep a movin' I say
You got to change your backdrop
You got to keep a base

I said, oh it's so clear
Oh it's so clear
Oh it's so clear

Said, I said

If you crawl to get on up
You're gonna level and get there
The feeling's gone
And you better get cleaned up
Start thinkin' of a new thing
'Cause now I see the other said
I done paid back, yes I did
This ain't livin' on a train track
On a train track

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