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How will it go
When you're away
How will it come again
How will it go
When you're away
Without you near
The days are longer
How will it feel
If you don't stay
Will things become the way
They used to be, oh I feel the changes
Comin' over me today
And you can't hold back
What you say I feel the changes

Comin' on rearrange
And I can't help
What I feel
How will it go
When you're away
Will you still feel the same
Tomorrow I think I will not

Go astray
However time is left
To tell
And if time will tell
I'm listenin'
I'd walk a long, long mile for you
And I don't really know
What I'm to do, yeah
Guess I'll just write
This song for you
I guess there's nothing else I'd rather do

Text přidala Luciebeth

Video přidala Luciebeth

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