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Wade In The Water - text


I heard you could walk on water.
I watch you play victim to the tombs.
Slaughter of a filthy pig.
I'd watch your skin turn on the spit.
But I would not consume. I won't infect my body.
Syllables invite you to your tomb.
Favor taken.-service
To rip out the tongue.
Let them suffer. Aware if their miserable lives.
Restore balance and move on.
You grow submissive.Unbearable.
I don't do this for justice.
The look in your eyes as we consume you.
Wade in the water. A beast to slaughter.
Wade in the weight. The water.
A beast to slaughter.
I'd gladly watch your skin turning on.
I know you're seeing this through. On the back end.
Set in your conviction. Are you?
I heard you could walk on water.
The flesh is rotten. Burn till it's forgotten.

Text přidala TessinWhite

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