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No I have no love for a lie.
They are all rotten inside.
Payment is part of the smile.
Controlled and confined a predestined nature that sticks.
It rots the inside. The tree has been spoiled and splits.
Get down to the roots and see what they've wrought.
The branches reach out to nothing at all.
If you get down to the roots would you consume?
Disposable it makes you controllable.
If you only knew.
A falsified icon laid down where their eyes can consume you.
Harvest your power. Devour your spirit. Bound.
Ask yourself would you be?
If you get down to the roots and see hat they're swollen with poison. Would you still love them?
And if you only knew how they tied the noose around your neck would you still love them?
Would you still love?
No. I would not be grateful.
I wil not accept the fruit.
Would you get down to roots?
Could you pull up the roots or would you consume?

Text přidala TessinWhite

Video přidala TessinWhite

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