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Keeping the Lie - text


Slowly as the sun is falling and the day must rest
In the hours turning darker you will be my guest
Dimming lights and frantic shadows slither on my face
While your fearful eyes await me to take your place
Me to take your place

Ever snce I was a child I've had you in sight
Always kept the distance right until tonight

Born against – That is what I am
Although for freedom I cry
Born against – I'm not giving in
You have been keeping the lie

You have never realized barking all the time
Up the wrongest tree you'd find that the tree was mine
Dare a look into the mirror, do you stand my face?
You're my schizo, evil twin, so the doctor says

There was that day when you crossed my fate
And echoes delayed:
we'll never be the friends that we've been made

Now in this night this body will be mine
As you and not I have always been keeping the lie

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