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Fallen Father - text


You look like my grandfather should have looked like
Some dozen years of life
Have written a storyline onto your face as
Graceful and wide as your eyes
Different chapters and different scenes
And you always saved your smile
Some changes in cast have changed the whole storyline
Father, are you now alone?

I don't wonder how you spend your time
You dress like a grand senior but I can smell the alcohol
It's sad, but the fashion and your precious style
Help you not to lose your face and the status you have known
So sad to see my fallen father fall

And sometimes when I find the time to sit down
My mind draws a picture of you
And of the places that you're coming from
Or that you are going to
I see you leaving the store where I work
And right after crossing the street
You enter the bar where the other old men
Don't know the men that they meet


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Video přidal paja65

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