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The lying hypocrits
The unclean scum
The cheating salesmen
Unworthy ones
They stand right in the way
Of the worthy folks
They have no right to live
At least not anymore

My land, your land, our land in his hand
And every man knows his command
Purity – one race, one face

The leader speaks in tongues
The masses applaud
Aren't they responsible
For the holocaust?

Time stood still right as he killed
Millions in the fire to vindicate the lie

Emperor = terror
Emperor = grip
Emperor – mass destruction
God-like dictatorship

Cleanse the worthy from the rest
Dispose the useless, use the best
Lock them up in camps and stalls
And when they're done their ashes will fall


Medication, causeless amputations
Crematory fire to vindicate the liar

The soldiers waste their lives
For the Endsieg
DIdn't they cheer to the demand
"Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg?"
They march for victory
And fall alone
When the distant heroes die
Glory turns to stone

it's writen in the books
But the inside is usually denied

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