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Breath of the Innocent - text


I'm driving through that wasted town
Destroyed walls and burned-out homes
I feel sad and I'm afraid
Remembering all the fallen bombs

The ground where I walked
Drank the blood of many years
A deep cut in our country's flesh
And heaven is raining tears

A blue sky and the eagles flying high
Who defends the lives of the innocent?
Dark clouds passing by, war brought us night
Until the end – the breath of the innocent


I arrive at the village where I spent my days
Burned bodies in the church where the innocent prayed
And the well in the centre still filled with blood
The bones of my friends are dug in the mud


War is over but the suffering's inside me
This world will not learn, this world will not heal
The starving children, dead soldiers, our friends
They'll be forgotten, civilization ends


A blue sky ...

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