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Baby, put the bottle down
You don't need another one
No, you don't need another one
Girl, you don't need another one
Why you taking all those pills?
Don't you know that they will kill you?
Don't you know that we all need you?
Don't you know I need you still?
I barely knew you back then
But, man, the things I remember is all in my mind
Tears on my face as I'm writing these lines
To imagine a place, if I asked, "Are you fine?"
Didn't care, never talked, wasn't there, never called
There you were gone, only thing I recall
Saw your girl's face, no makeup, no smile
No feelings, no heart, she felt nothing at all, like
What could I say?
How could I possibly say, "It's okay?"
How could I not feel this anger inside me
I look at her now, and you made her this way
When you drank all them pills, yeah, it killed her
Since then, man, I haven't seen the real her
Screaming in her pillow, could you tell me did you hear her?
Even when she smiles, can you see that it still hurts?
They might say that it's wrong to be bitter
But the more that she drank, the more she got sicker
No better, she killing her liver
You thought she'd be better, but it's getting worse
Hollow like bottles she's holding
She's trying to sleep, but can't sleep 'til the morning
Every day is another performance
These pictures are memories, what she been holding
She's blaming herself for the reason you left
You took every pill, but she feels the effects
Family is in pieces, your friends are a mess
You left all your pain and you gave it to them
What did you think that would happen?
Thought it'd be easy like she would move on?
Hang out with her friends like nothing is wrong?
They try to be strong? But the moment you left, she was already gone
Baby, put the bottle down
I can hear you drowning now
I can hear you crying now
In your silence, I can hear you loud
Why you taking all these pills?
Don't you know that they can kill you?
Don't you know that you can heal?
Don't you know we need you still?
Forgive me for my honesty, it's a blessing and a curse
It's a medicine that hurts, it's the only thing that works
Who could understand the things that you went through?
It hurts 'cause I never even get to
Look you in the eyes like, "Brother, yeah, I get you."
And even shake your hand and say, "Don't let the stress get you."
But you left scars that are here to stay
So many stars used for you to stay
So much pain that I see even to this day
They think of you when it starts to rain
Didn't know you was affecting me
What if it was someone close to me?
Like, what if I was you and no one noticed me?
Spending time alone, yeah
I wonder who would wanna go broke with me
To the girl still crying on her sheets
I know you don't feel like it, but you gotta eat
I know you think you need to, but you don't gotta drink
Water's coming in, but you don't gotta sink
I know it's hard to breathe, you just need to want to
Anything you need, baby girl, I got you
Tell me what it is, tell me what you feel
Tell me you're alive, anything can heal
Maybe I don't understand, guess I never will
But if you're feeling broken now, I promise you can heal
Promise you can make it out, you don't gotta be scared
If you're feeling numb, yeah, I promise I'ma be there
You don't gotta figure it out, I need you to feel
Sometimes the ones who love us end up leaving us still
You don't need another bottle, you don't need another pill
You don't gotta smile but we all need you, still
Baby, put the bottle down
I can hear you drowning now
I can hear you crying now
In your silence, I can hear you loud
Why you taking all these pills?
Don't you know that they can kill you?
Don't you know that you can heal?
Don't you know we need you still?
I need you
I need you
I need you still
Yeah, look at the music we listen to
Bottles and bottles, yeah, gimme another one
Killing ourselves and we're killing each other
The phrase that I'm hearing is "having fun"
Numbing our feelings so we can feel something
How does that make any sense? (Do you hear me?)
They tell me relax, have a great time
They see kids who don't know they're depressed (Do you hear me?)
They bottled it up, now they're shooting it out
Hitting students all over their chest
And they wonder like, "What was the reason?"
He was just fine, saw him last night and he had a good time
Wasn't depressed, he was out of his mind
Who would've known he was out of it
Guess it was only a matter of time
There's more to perceive what you see in your eyes
Look at the time that we live in our lives
No emotions, I see 'em concealin' it
Instead of dealing with problems
They hand you a drink like "Forget it, you don't gotta deal with it"
That's the world that we live in, I'm sick of it
Want no part of the world that I'm living in
If you cared just a little bit, felt just a little bit
Things would've been a bit different

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