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Ivan B - Finding Better Places (Prod. Tido Ve.. - text


[Verse 1]
This is the time, this is the moment we shine, the moment we climb
There’s moments in life where we fall or we fly, but I’m still trying to find that sky
Looking for a reason to listen to me
Let me just give you some pieces of me
Let me just take out my heart that maybe you’ll see that I’m not Superman that I really do bleed
Man I’ll give you that fake that repeats in your car
But I’ll give you that music to heal every scar
Look to the sky and I pray to the stars, find out myself I’ve been trapped in the dark
And I know what it is that I’m here to do
Is this really the person I’m supposed to be?
Trying to give you all my story but I can never find the words cause I don’t know me
I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m mad, and it’s all because of this past
When every kid in your school believes you can do it, but really thinks that you’re trash
When you got friends that say, “We’ll always be there", I look around, where you at?
It’s like you all got up and left; onto the next
What was my chance to pack?
Putting in effort but I should’ve known better but being alone is just nothing but pressure
Through my endeavors I’m piecing this letter to every kid trying to hold it together
This life is just long, not just some street
Even the strongest of man will fall weak
But with all the pain and the hurt, the tears on your shirt
That’s what finding happiness means
And now you probably think I got this all down
But I don’t even know what I’m doing right now
When you’re giving your best until your last breath
There’s a time where you just want to drown
Picked up myself from the cold hard ground
Friends don’t believe what I’m doing right now
Teachers telling me to pull all this right down
Got this whole time to turn this whole life around
And why follow all the steps when I can make my own trail?
Said the ship will sink, now let's see me sail
Hopin' that my momma just a fraction of a tale
I’ve been giving you my heart every time it’s been impaled
I ain’t out callin names but you know who you are
Trying to shoot me down but I rose to the stars
No, I’m not there, but I know I’m not far
In the coldest of times you can’t feel anymore
Trying to find happiness, I found it in you
Gave you my all and you break me in two
Broke and confused like I got nothing to lose
I don’t choose to feel for someone, I just do
I don’t choose to get over it, I get through
Built myself up and that was through you
Gave you more than my all
On my knees, I’ma call
But still picked up your calls
Though to me, you don’t mean nothing at all
I don’t mean you mean nothing at all

[Verse 2]
So many things that I will never get out of my head I could write an endless letter
Tired of writing, you tore me apart, why not one for who put me together?
See I don’t know what I would write, what I could say, none of this ever comes easily
I could write you the cheesiest lines but never come close to what you really mean to me
What do you see in me?
I could feel that I’m close but I’m lost on where to go, I’m just scared what it’s gonna be like
But however it goes, as you're holding me close, I can tell what the future feels like
Like that day on that bridge, where we laughed and we kissed, I say moments still burning inside
Even with the pain and the bliss, when the stress really hits, you are the compass defining my mind
Feels like I’m climbing, I’m climbing
I look at my parents their dreams are so hollow
Mom couldn't handle her liquor, we bicker she taught me this straight from the bottle
She’s better, and healthy and sleeping
Told to me to chase all the things that I’m dreaming
Give her the house she wants, all the money she needs
I’ma grow her the Garden of Eden
Running out of time, I’ve got nothing to waste
My own producer startin' to lose faith
Now my close friends are turning two faced, I'm faced with two ways—die broke or get paid
Sitting at work, take a look at yourself
Your life is just scheduled by somebody else
But dreams and their views are not something you choose
But you swallow your two’s 'cause a check really helps
Living my life, that'll never be me
Look out your window, then maybe you’ll see
The things that you dream of, the things that you can do, the things that you crave for, the things you could be
So find what you love and don’t ever desert it
You find what you’re worth from the purpose inside
Livin' in a time where these kids are uncertain
It’s eat or be eaten, the hungry survive
Losing my patience with dollars and dimes
I’m unwinding my heart with these lines that I write
If you’re losing your mind, you can jump into mine
Let me open your eyes to a world that is blind
This is a mistake? Then I'm glad that I made it
Step into my shoes or don’t judge where I’ve been
Just look at my eyes and I’ll tell you I’ll make it
Don't wait on your dream, this your life from within

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