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Is it really love
Or is it just a word
Like any other word
You say it’s learned association
Oh never you mind
You know I don’t like talk of this kind
And is it god or man
Who’s plotting out my plan?
I don’t believe in chance
You know we’re all here for some reason
I know it’s true
You know that I believe in you
Yes I do
There’s a light in my heart
For you
And for the longest time
I’ve been feeling like
That you really tried to kill me
I am a fool
I know that it’s me and not you
Will you hear me now
And if you say the words
And open up the doors
But I can’t see through all the noise
I’m sorry to say
Somewhere I got lost along the way
There’s a light in my heart
For you
There’s a light in my heart
For you
Sorry, very sorry for the things I have done
I never meant to hurt you and I never meant to run
Everybody’s telling me which way that I should go
Believe me when I tell you, then, that I already know

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